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Calendar of Memories

Posted by on Jan 11, 2008 in Other Crafty Projects | 1 comment


This is my latest project. After the holidays, I went to buy a calendar. This one had 17 months in it. I really like how it had a magnet in the back. After I bought my calendar, I measured the date box to see what size it was. Then I cropped my photos in Photoshop to be the same size, and added the date on it. I printed out my photos — about 6 fits on a 4×6, and taped them to the calendar. It’s a nice way to keep track of a year of memories all in one place. :D

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Sea-Side Bridal Shower

Posted by on Oct 31, 2007 in My Scrapbook Projects, Other Crafty Projects | 1 comment

I’ve been busy planning a bridal shower for the last few months… and it turned out really well! Here are some photos from the bridal shower. There are handmade placecards, scrapbook pages used to decorate the house, and lots of cute surprises. The theme was a Sea Side Bridal Shower.

Simple yet elegant place cards with the guests names.

A scrapbook page of the bride and groom used to decorate the house.

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Wedding DVD Gift

Posted by on Nov 12, 2006 in My Scrapbook Projects | Comments Off


I made this DVD for my friends yesterday. It contains the wedding photos that my husband and I took during their wedding. :D It was a very fun project!

I first downloaded the PSD for the DVD Template here. And then I requested two very nice photos from Jman for the background and cover. The rose background is a photo he took of the centerpiece at their wedding. :D I added text, and then printed it out, added ribbon, and viola!

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