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Through Her Eyes: Within The Mind Of A Hot, Insecure Woman

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Maybe you have been played difficult by a woman?

Today, let’s simply take a journey in to the head of a hot but profoundly insecure woman to see what’s taking place and exactly how she games the guys in her own life.

The hot woman in real question is a composite of three girls I’ve known, and we’ll phone her Sarah. Every woman has a small amount of Sarah inside them – this composite we’re drawing is essentially the many extreme iteration from it.

Here’s the backstory, obtained from the three girls to my experiences.

Sarah is really a girl that is smart much more smart than she initially seems.

She plays the part of ditzy young girl with aplomb, and 50 % of my buddies nevertheless will not think that her IQ could possibly break the triple digit barrier. However when it comes down to males, she understands what she’s doing.

I’ve seen her destroy a few dudes (myself included), and We view her maintaining a constant movement of leads in the offing. The inventors she times are great searching, effective, and often, they fall difficult.

I really believe that deep down Sarah normally a good woman who desires to find a much deeper delight than her life today offers her, but since it appears, I’d hate for just one of my buddies to have trapped with a woman like her. And may you ever get in times having a Sarah of your, its just reasonable that you recognize exactly what’s taking place.

Physically, I’ve dated two girls like her before, and was at a relationship that is wickedly hurtful one of these.

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