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Its tricky to share with which snakes are male and that are feminine given that they haven’t any outside reproductive organs

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How do you realy determine male and female snakes?

Female snakes usually are larger than male snakes. Male snakes have thicker tails than females. It really is difficult to inform snakes aside from these faculties unless you have got a male and a lady to compare. A veterinarian or expert reptile keeper can tell male and female snakes apart by inserting a lubricated metal pole known as a snake probe to the cloaca.

Whenever probe is placed, it will drop in at the length of approximately anyone to three scales. Simply because the feminine snake does n’t have a hemipenes. In a male snake, the probe will drop during the amount of nine to fifteen scales.

It is a good idea to let a veterinarian or an expert breeder sex your snakes for you if you are not an experienced snake keeper. Otherwise, they could be hurt by you.

Can snake that is different mate?

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