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Bookies Beat Pollsters in Scottish Referendum

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The referendum that is scottish Bookies had been predicting an 80 percent potential for a ‘no’ vote, as the polls were contradictory and inaccurate.

Did bookies know the results regarding the referendum that is scottish advance, while polls were way off the mark? It sure looks that way.

Scotland has voted in which to stay the UK, with 55.3 percent of voters determining against dissolving the union that is 300-year of and going it alone. Many were surprised that the margin between winning and losing votes was as wide as 10 percent; a number of polls had predicted that the result was too close to phone and that the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns had been split straight down the middle.

The fact is, polls were throughout the destination: contradictory and fluctuating wildly. They ranged from a lead that is six-point the ‘yes’ vote to a seven point lead for the ‘no’ vote within the weeks leading up to your referendum. And they considerably underestimated the margin of the ‘No’ victory although they were correctly predicting a ‘no’ vote on the eve of the big day.

Margins of mistake

Maybe Not the bookies, though. It was had by them all figured away ages ago. As the pollsters’ predictions were see-sawing, online sports outfit that is betting had already determined to pay out bettors who had their funds on a’no’ vote several days ahead of the referendum even occurred. And even though there was clearly a whiff of a PR stunt about that an

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