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Exactly Just How Quentin Tarantino Steals from Other Films

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“Good musicians copy, great musicians steal,” goes a line we usually attribute to Pablo Picasso — even those of us who understand little of Picasso’s work and absolutely nothing associated with work from which he may or might not have stolen. Quentin Tarantino’s form of the line adds another observation about great artists: ” they do not do homages.” The manager of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown may well have talked those terms in frustration, the frustration of experiencing their every image described as an “homage” with a element or other of cinema history. He places it more bluntly: “we take out of every solitary movie ever made.” a claim that is bold to be certain, however, if anybody will probably have experienced every film ever made, undoubtedly it really is him.

In every one of his ten features to date, Tarantino has bundled all this work material into packages describable most succinctly using the adjective Tarantinoesque, that the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “seen as a visual and stylized violence, non-linear storylines, cineliterate references, satirical themes, and razor- razor- razor- sharp discussion.” Tarantino’s latest movie not so long ago.

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