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In Ooku: The Inner Chambers, there is Shogun Yoshimune (a Gender Flip associated with the genuine Yoshimune) therefore the chamberlain that is senior

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  • . Yoshimune also acknowledged on Sugishita’s deathbed that even though these were never fans, he had been the closest she needed to a mate (and it also did not harm that her daughters regarded him as his or her daddy, having all lost theirs at young ages). She had him interred as one of her concubines, rather than just as a chamberlain when he died.
  • In Oreimo, Saori and Kyousuke because of Saori being mostly of the leads that are female doesn’t fall deeply in love with him. Averted within the novel that is visual you perform just the right route though.
  • Oz and Alice in Pandora Hearts, in accordance with term of Jesus. They share an extremely strong relationship and it is made specific they give consideration to one another the most crucial person within their life.
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