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In an effort to higher comprehend the significance of the marriage bride’s limit, it is important to assume a reality

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Regarding the time of entry into appropriate marriage bride that is kazakh obliged to wear “sukele”. This cap, having a big height and a conical form, is considered the most high priced article of any wedding service. The top of area of the wedding cap embellished utilizing the owl that is pen put on both edges associated with various gems:

In enhancing the headdress is earnestly utilized various little beads that hung on either part of this bride’s face, emphasizing her beauty. The top of an element of the limit also ended up being adorned having a lacy veil that is white that has been called “zhelek”. It veils the bride utilized to pay for the face area throughout the wedding that is different.

The typical “saukele” in those times cost significantly more than the entire herd of the finest horses. Similarly valuable headdress hitched girl had the ability to put on just before the delivery associated with the child that is first. He given “kimeshek” After this, the bride of her husband’s mom. New headpiece followed closely by a female prior to the end of her times.

The brand new limit had been made from white fabric, addressing a girl from mind to chest. Typically, the leading for the headdress ended up being embellished making use of various embroidery, fine beads, silver precious jewelry, and so forth. On both edges of a nationwide limit ended up being embroidered pattern. Rounding out of the special turban headdress, that has been produced from an extended white fabric.

“Kimeshek” satisfy a significant social function, being particular passport that will inform a whole lot about a woman:

  • Social status;
  • The region where she lives;
  • A clan so it represents;
  • Age and so forth.
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