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Unlike in the usa or UK, in Sweden there’s absolutely no tradition of this daddy of this bride providing their child away to her husband while the groom and bride will walk down the typically aisle together.

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1. The wedding couple walk serenely down the aisle together

In reality, Gink claims she frequently features a time that is hard to persuade priests and ministers to allow the bride’s daddy give her away.

“They simply don’t such as the notion of a female being owned by a guy and distributed to a different guy, ” she describes.

A profile that is high of this is the marriage between Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, whenever Victoria asked for her daddy to walk her down the aisle.

“In the conclusion she stepped very nearly towards the front side associated with the altar together with her dad then Prince Daniel took over and so they moved the very last steps that are few, ” says Gink.

Crown princess Victoria with her spouse Daniel Westling to their big day. Picture: TT

2. Kidnapping the bride and groom-to-be

Within the British or America gents and ladies frequently understand whenever their stag do (or bachelor celebration) or hen party (bachelorette bash) is — and even prepare part from it themselves — in Sweden they’ll usually be caught completely unawares.

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