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Colonial mentality is just a mindset that develops whenever one country occupies and oppresses another.

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The country that is oppressed inhabitants aren’t able to look at oppressor’s actions as incorrect. Linked with emotions . follow the philosophy, attitudes, a nd behavior for the oppressors. It is inescapable that the brand new tradition’s values will conflict with all the old tradition’s values making the inhabitants to decide on which s > Conversely, Filipino males are usually regarded as bad providers, philanderers, and low quality husbands (Velasco, 2008).

The explanations why United states guys seek a Filipina bride are completely unique of the motives Filipinas need to started to the usa. Guys mail-order that is seeking would like obedient, submissive spouses. These males genuinely believe that the women’s motion ended old-fashioned family members values and since there are so few US ladies who hold conventional values, they have to look beyond your usa (Velasco, 2008). A majority of these guys have already been married before—sometimes multiple times—and the majority are far avove the age of the ladies they look for to marry (Woelz-Stirling, et al).

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