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This Afternoon, Mary Tyler Moore, lifelong Republican, is within the apartment of Howard Samuels, a prominent new york democrat, shooting a political commercial for President Carter

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Therefore numerous modifications. It’s those types of detestable, gluey ny summer time afternoons, and also the couch on which Mary is sitting is right under the sun. She’s using a black colored woolen gown with a gray-and-magenta slash throughout the front. The location won’t air before the last times of the campaign, and also by then a far more cotton that is comfortable would barely be appropriate. Therefore a makeup and hairdresser musician are attempting in vain to help keep her from perspiring by herself in to a puddle. Happily, she understands thing or two about doing for tv digital cameras, setting it up done fast and having it done correctly.

“Usually we don’t do celebrity spots,” Gerald Rafshoon, Carter’s news guy, explains a few minutes before shooting.

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