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Woman arrested for shirking student loan repayments is obviously a hero that is economic

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I might tender that, not even close to being fully a bludger and a shirker, the lady is a national hero, and residing evidence of that rarest of things: Homo economicus.

The Homo economicus or “economic guy” is a now much-discredited character of financial theory, which argues that all person is just a completely rational financial star whom evaluates each choice they generate through a economic lens. It has been discredited by behavioural economists, who discovered, shock surprise, that people are seldom, when, logical.

But perhaps this education loan shirker is proof of the presence of Homo economicus?.

National policy towards pupil borrowers and young adults in general makes so small feeling that probably one of the most rational activities to do is to keep the nation.

Education loan repayments are made to the IRD during the rate of 12 % of each and every buck received on the payment threshold of $19,760, that is dissimilar to the graduated method in which income tax is levied under which greater earners spend more.

This income tax is compensated along with every other income tax charged towards the pupil. In line with the national’s own professions site, graduates with bachelor levels typically make 67 per cent a lot more than the median income five years after graduating, or roughly $69,000.

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