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10 ladies on what their very first experience that is lesbian like

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“It was electrifying. I felt like I became really alive for the time that is first.”

Very first time lesbian intercourse can be actually bloody overwhelming and daunting. And therefore will come prior to or once you find out whether you are homosexual, lesbian, pansexual or bisexual. So these females have actually kindly provided exactly just what the tales of just just what their very very first experience that is lesbianor woman-on-woman, vulva-on-vulva, nevertheless they wish to determine it) ended up being like.

1. 5 years because I had many unsuccessful relationships with men and I wondered if I was missing out ago I decided to try being involved with a woman.

A lesbian was met by me on POF so we dated for around 2 months, and now we had sex 3 times, and it also had been strange. Consuming pussy is actually strange. It tastes such as for instance a 9 volt battery pack.

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