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Gopi and Urmi had been in paradise enjoying their closeness

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However when Sonaben came back she had a shock for the sister and brother. Whenever Urmi had opted on her music course, she called Gopi and asked him to stay by her side and began chatting. “Gopi, did both you and your cousin have good time whenever I’d gone? ”, she asked. Gopi ended up being astonished and may not respond. Sonaben continued, between you two Gopi“ I know what is going on. I’ve been watching you appreciate your sis and I also desired one to get together that you will be able to reveal your love to your sister with her and so I started sleeping in the kitchen and then went away for a week so. Maybe you have done that? ” Gopi had been satisfied with relief and said, “Yes mom. Urmi additionally really loves me personally mom so we both actually enjoyed being together a week ago. I do want to many thanks plenty to be so mother that is understanding. I have been made by you and Urmi therefore happy”.

Sonaben responded, “Gopi, a mother’s joy is based on her children’s pleasure.

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