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How exactly to have the most readily useful girl at the top intercourse, in accordance with males

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“cannot forget to lean in and kiss us once in a while.”

Woman-on-top (or ‘Cowgirl’, or ‘The Rider’) is a classic intercourse place if you should be a female or have a vagina, and are also resting with somebody by having a penis (or some body putting on a strap-on, TBH). Since many women and vagina-owners can not orgasm through penetration alone, this place is fantastic as you ride away, or manually stimulating your clit with your fingers/a partner’s fingers/a vibrator because you can get extra stimulation either through grinding your clitoris.

But, if you should be an over-thinker just like me (that is amplified tenfold whenever nude and making love), it really is difficult to understand precisely what direction to go whenever you’re up there. Obvs, do exactly exactly what seems healthy for you. But keep in mind, the most useful intercourse takes place when both lovers are receiving enough time of the everyday lives.

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