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Long story short, douching is more or less very same to pouring a container of Lysol in your potted plant.

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(Fun fact: really, a vagina (and its particular vulva) are far, far cleaner compared to mouth! When anyone are involved concerning the cleanliness of the vulva/vagina versus their partner’s lips, it must be one other way around! )

Douching is basically throwing antiseptic into your vaginal walls, killing the nice germs and possibly damaging the genital muscle, each of that are more or less invitations for illness (whoever signs may cause more douching, then more vulnerability to disease, etc. )

– Yes, it’s! Simply lay a towel that is dark the receiver associated with act so that you don’t stain the sheets, and you’re good to go!

“douching is essentially very same to pouring a container of Lysol in your plant this is certainly potted.

Exemplary contrast, I’m going to keep in mind this the the next time advocates douching!

This might not need been more well timed. I didn’t start dating women until super recently and never once you understand what you should do in downtown lady city happens to be so racking that is nerve. No body really wants to feel just like a newb, even though you are certainly a newb. Many Thanks guys!

This really is type of ‘too late’, and perhaps it is simply me personally, but i acquired (and generally have) really annoyed whenever there’s talk of ‘licking a vagina’ (like, please explain the way you ensure you get your tongue that far down) in the place of just just what the title of the human anatomy component is… a vulva.

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