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Lorenzen usually gone back to Memphis from Atlanta to invest time along with his kids

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Phil Dotson: That Sunday night we had opted to choose his son up — Lorenzen Jr. — through the gymnasium. He’d have been playin’ basketball that evening.

Dotson states Sherra insisted Wright bring their son house to her household that night.

Phil Dotson: And, we wound up droppin’ him off that at about 10:00 p.m. night . So when he was dropped by me down, he stated, “Let me personally go in here and cope with this. And I also’ll provide you with a call later on.”

But Lorenzen never called their buddy that evening. Alternatively, he required assistance.


2 days after dropping off Lorenzen at his ex-wife’s house, their buddy, Phil Dotson got a unforeseen call. It absolutely was Lorenzen’s mom – looking on her son.

Phil Dotson: “Have you talked to Lorenzen? I cannot achieve him.” And I also stated, “Well, we figured he could you need to be town that is outta he is perhaps not answerin’ the call.” So– I reached off to him aswell, and did not hear anything right back.

After perhaps perhaps perhaps not hearing from her son for over 48 hours, Deborah Marion filed a persons that are missing with the authorities.

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