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Standard of living Comparison. See an in-depth size contrast.

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You would if you lived in South Africa instead of Ukraine:

Be 20.9 times very likely to be managing HIV/A

In Ukraine, 0.9percent of men and women you live with AIDS/HIV. In Southern Africa, that quantity is 18.8% of men and women.

Real time 8.3 years less

In Ukraine, the normal endurance is 72 years (67 years for males, 77 years for females). That number is 64 years (62 years for men, 65 years for women) in South Africa.

Be 17.4% more prone to be overweight

In Ukraine, 24.1% of adults are obese. That number is 28.3% of people in South Africa.

Make 55.2% more cash

Ukraine features a GDP per capita of $8,700, whilst in Southern Africa, the GDP per capita is $13,500.

Be 2.9 times very likely to be unemployed

In Ukraine, 9.5percent of grownups are unemployed. In Southern Africa, that quantity is 27.6%.

Be 4.4 times very likely to live underneath the poverty line

In Ukraine, 3.8% reside underneath the poverty line. In Southern Africa, but, that quantity is 16.6%.

Spend 2.5 times more on fees

Ukraine features a tax that is top of 18.0per cent.

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