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Latin American Program when you look at the Information: “Interview with Donny Meertens on ladies’ Land Rights & Youth panorama on Transitional Justice in Colombia”

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This post features a job interview about ladies’ land liberties, anthropologists while the guideline of legislation sector, and justice that is transitional Latin American Program Fellow Donny Meertens.

In this interview, Latin American Program Fellow Donny Meertens defines the role of females’s land liberties into the postwar context in Colombia, just just how guideline of legislation and safety companies can include a concentrate on sex, land and credit dilemmas for feminine Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and much more subjects pertaining to her research.

” In “Forced Displacement and Gender Justice”, you chatted about how precisely feminine IDP’s that are mind of households have already been offered concern usage of land and credit that is productive but which has hadn’t been the scenario for females who had been by themselves or hitched. Exactly just How did this difference outcome and it is this a comparable problem that other nations will likely face or are actually facing pertaining to programs enhancing women’s access to land?

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