About Me

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My interest in scrapbooking was a gradual process. When I was young, was really obsessed with paper art. Art time in elementary was one of my favorite times! I loved cutting construction paper and making things with just scissors and glue! I continued this obsession all the way through high school. I’d make custom interactive birthday cards for my friends.

By college, I was really interested in photography and web design. By my sophomore year, I got my very first digital camera. It wasn’t a really good one, but a digital camera back then was really rare. My obsession with creating websites, digital art, and digital photography only grew.

After college, I found a hobby that helped me put all these pieces together — scrapbooking! In October of 2003, a hobby store — Michaels — opened up and I couldn’t help but visit that place every other week. My interest in scrapbooking grew, along with interest in other crafty projects. I was creating projects left and right, so I decided to make a website to help me organize them! I do give a lot of my work away, so it’s a nice way to remember the pieces that I make as well. I hope you enjoy reading this website as much I as enjoy updating it. :D

If you need to contact me, my email is
daynah at gmail.com

Harry Potter Scrapook Page Card: Mouse in a Tea Cup