Scrapbook Expo 2008

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I went to the my nearest Scrapbook Expo event in Ontario, California last Saturday and had a fabulous time! I only had a pass to the exhibit floor ($8), but that alone kept me occupied for hours. Imagine if I signed up for the workshops!

I started walking down each aisle and watched the demos that interested me. First stop was the Cricut demo. It was so crowded that I thought it was best to move onto the next booths.

I worked my way down the aisles and bought a few things along of the way. Most things are a lot cheaper. And there are some booths that sell things in bulk!

Since this is my first Scrapbook Expo, I thought I’d share some times with you tips that I picked up:

  • Bring snacks – if you’re anything like me, you get so involved that you forget (or don’t want to leave) to eat.
  • Definitely need walking shoes – lots of aisles, lots to buy, need to be able to move quickly. ;)
  • If you could, leave the kids at home. It’s your “me” time.
  • Bring a big bag, you’ll be spending a lot. You may need something to carry your papers and stickers.
  • Rest well the night before. It could get overwhelming – lots to do, and it could be very crowded.
  • Bring cash, else you will over-spend!
  • Bring zip-lock bags to keep your projects in.
  • Keep your eyes opened for bargains and show specials! (Some booths may sell things cheaper than others.)
  • Bring photo/projects you want to work on to buy the right papers and embellishments
  • Duh, bring a camera to capture your experience! Not to mention ideas and inspiration.

If you come up with any other tips, let me know! If you’re in the California area, the next scrapbook expo is in Costa Mesa, CA from Feb 13 – 15th! Everyone is already talking about it!

Above are some photos captured at the Scrapbook Expo. Amazing conference, I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips. With what you just advised, we can be ready for any scrapbook expo event.