White Wedding Shadowbox

Posted by on Mar 2, 2008 in Other Crafty Projects | 2 comments


Here’s a small gift that I made for my friend. It’s a white shadow box with a photo of us from her wedding. I used stickers embellish the frame and dried red rose petals to make it a shaker!


Here’s the mat and photo without the frame.


  1. Hi Daynah,

    The purpose of writing you this email because I happened to google ”preserve rose petal” and discovered your blog and wanted to find out more from you how to make showdow box. I really admire and am amazed by your creative and beautiful crafts!

    Actually I received 99 stalks of red roses from my boyfriend on the day of his proposal. I find it a waste if I just throw them away after they wither. So I want to preserve the rose and frame the rose petals. I like the idea of your gift to your friend. You made a white shadow box with a photo in it and frame it with dried red rose petals to make it a shaker. Can you teach me how to make a showdow box similar to yours?

    In the meantime, I really have no idea how to keep the roses as in should I just air dry them or press them to dry? Since there are so many rose petals and I really wish to use them all, I think the photo frame I gonna make will be quite big and perhaps end up a portrait of 16” or even bigger :) Do you think its feasible?

    I just wonder if you live in Singapore. If you are living in Singapore, I will love to meet up with you. Do you have any places to recommend for doing crafting, a place where supplies tools, materials, accessories and space for people who are interested in making their own masterpiece? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Feel free to buzz me at 9001 2004. By the way, in case you are not comfortable meeting up with me, we can keep in contact via emails. Again, in case you want to know a bit more about me, here’s my particulars:

    Name: Sara Cheung

    Sex: Female

    Age: 28

    Occupation: Medical Rep

    Nationality: Singapore PR/ Hong Kong Citizen

    Personalities: easy-going, joyful, blah blah blah…for you to find out :)

    Yours Sincerely,

    Sara Cheung

  2. Hi Sara, I sent you an email a while ago. I hope you got it. :)