Crafty Wedding Ideas

Posted by on Jul 16, 2007 in Other Crafty Projects | 3 comments

I was talking to Michelle today about wedding stuff and I realized I never posted photos of my crafty wedding stuff. I had a red, gold, and dolphin theme going… hehe Here are some ideas for your wedding!

Wedding menu at the reception.

Dolphin Wedding favors.

A guestbook and pen set that I made. I took a cheap store-bought one and wrapped it in a nice fabric.. and viola…! I also wrapped a box in the same fabric to make a gift box.

These were actually my centerpieces. lol In Chinese restaurants.. the centerpieces are usually moved or put on the floor for the food… so I figured, why spend so much money on centerpieces? Just wrap up a nice wine bottle and viola!

Here are the table number tags. Don’t laugh… but I put together those table numbers, and menus the night before my wedding.. ack!

This was an example of my florist’s craftiness.. I love her!!

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Love my orchids.


  1. I soooo like the wine bottle center piece!! How cool is that!!! Like I said before, much better than flowers!!!

  2. Saw your post on the wedding LJ community!
    How wonderfully talented are you!
    All this stuff is fantastic, and given me so much inspiration for my own scrapbook!!


  3. I love your florist too. And you have some great ideas like the centerpieces. Nice!