Wedding Thank You Cards

Posted by on Feb 24, 2006 in My Scrapbook Projects, Other Crafty Projects | 3 comments

I’m stuck at home, sick. So I’m bored out of my mind. lol I decided to work on some Wedding Thank You cards… because store-bought ones are just so boring. ;)

Wedding Thank You Cards

I used white card stock, with a doily (got it on sale after Valentine’s!), a thank you sticker, purple 12×12 scrapbook paper (I cut it into 6 pieces for 6 cards!), and a love charm tied on a pink ribbon. Oh yes, and Fiskars Photo Stickers (square double sided adhesive stickers) are my favorite adhesives! I’m not one for gluesticks! What do you think? This is my first one. I’m sure every card will look a little different.. just like the Save The Date ones. :D

The photo was free from the photo studio. He threw them in with our enagement photo package. :)


  1. Too good! You possess a brilliant innovative and creative mind. Great work!

  2. I really love your card – I’m getting inspired for my own wedding thank you cards. Thanks!
    E. Vancouver, BC

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