Wedding Save-The-Date Cards

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This is my work area. Messy isn’t it? But all the essentials are there for a scrapper! And what’s not there is probably in my dresser. :) I love my Xyron 510 machine! It was so much fun making the magnets. Some people thought I had them professionally done… teehee.

Save The Date Cards

And with that messy desk, I created these Save-The-Date cards for my wedding. :)
Save The Date Cards


  1. aww it looks so cute! how much does it cost you to make all of those?

  2. oh wow cool….and magnet too!! you’re good!!

  3. ha, my scrap space looks just like that! stuff EVERYWHERE!

    your save the date cards are too cute!!! :) i loooove that pic it’s very fun and playful! :)

    awesome job!


  4. Joanne, I made about 90 cards. Here’s my list of supplies and their costs:

    2 packages of White Card + Envelopes = 2 * $2.50
    50 photo prints at Costco (2 photos on each print) = 50 * $0.17 = $8.50
    2 boxes of double-sided adhesives = 2 * $1.50 = $3.00
    1 Gel Pen = $0.10
    15 Sheets of 12×12 Papers = 15 * $0.20 = $3.00
    Total $17.01 + tax + cost of printer toner

    I only made a few magnets for the wedding party and the females. The cost of the Xyron 510 plus sample magnet, laminate, and adhesive was $50.

    And the laptop was on sale… I got it from Dell for $750 instead of $1500. :D

  5. Hello! LOve what u did for your save the dates. How exactly did u make the save the date cards with the info. I am getting married in a little over three months and would like to do the same.


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