Pre-Made Scrapbooks

Posted by on Jan 3, 2006 in Tools and Supplies | 3 comments

Hallmark now carries a line of pre-made scrapbooks! They’re really lovely, but a little bit pricey. ($36.00 each)

Target also has a new line of pre-made scrapbooks as well! In fact, I bought the Tropical version yesterday for $14.99. I’ll take pictures tonite. :) It’s cute, and perfect to show off my Maui photos… without spending too much time creating all the pages.

(These pre-made scrapbooks are all 8×8.)


  1. WOW 36 dollars for a pre made scrapbook!!! that really is pricey!!!!
    15 dollars isn’t so bad though for the 8X8 at target… will you be showing this book on your site? i’d like to check out how it turned out! :)

  2. OMG, I love it. Such a beautiful patten. I design my own premade scrapbook pages, but these are great. Thanks for sharing with everyone. Gosh, I need to try to keep my blog updated. I’m always forgetting about it though. Anyway, I’ll be sure to come back again to see what else you’ve got.

  3. I believe they are pricey as well. Actually I think 14 is a little high as well. But I’m told that at michaels you can create your own at reasonably good price. Anyony else have done that?