Xyron Personal Cutting System

Posted by on Nov 16, 2005 in Tools and Supplies | 56 comments

So, you know I like to be crafty right? And others know I like to be geeky as well. I love playing with electronic stuff, especially with a computer or laptop! Wouldn’t I just love a product that combines the two together?!

Well, here it is. I saw this in my PaperKuts magazine and just went ga-ga over it! It’s the new Xyron Personal Cutting System (coming out this fall!)

The Xyron Personal Cutting System is a portable, book-based digital cutting system. Using computer-on-board technology, the Personal Cutting System offers creative consumers nearly 2000 cutting options through a series of Design Books. Available this Fall for $199.99, the Xyron Personal Cutting System includes a complete Basic Font Design Book (including uppers, lowers, numbers, punctuation and shadows) and Basic Shape Design Book that includes 30 simple shapes!

I would love to get this in the future. Hopefully the price drops down! To think, I thought about buying a Sizzix machine! With this, it’s cheaper, and you can RESIZE the templates! Awesome. :D I think I’m in love. hehehe

You can preorder or register for more information here.


  1. Can you use paper that has been run through a Xyron to add the adhesive backing with the Xyron Personal Cutting System or will it damage the blade? Thanks!

  2. Okay, so it’s June now, and I expect that people are used to their XPCS’s and have received replacements for faulty cutting mats, etc. Now can I ask what you all think of your machines. I’m so enticed by the new Cricut, but boy is that a lot of pocket change! Still, I like the wide range of options available with the Cricut, and I also like that it holds 12″ paper rather than the little Xyron square. I was at a crop last month and the gal was having the same sticky problems w/her XPCS as you all have talked about. I would appreciate any thoughts you have.

  3. I love my Xyron Personal Cutting System…and have had no problems with it.

    The Cricut does NOT use 12×12 paper. But it does use larger than the 4×4. I will also buy one of those eventually!

  4. I just got my Xyron machine on Monday. Went home that night and did a lil scrapbooking with my 4 year old (loves it) It worked fine and I was soooo excited. Went home last night and did some more but then realized that the mat was not sticky anymore….I had barely used it. ( I am just using small pieces of tape on the edges to hold in place) Now, Im wondering if I jumped the gun here, I just started Scrapping so I had no idea that this was that new of a product. So much for a Great Birthday present (B-day coming up, husband bought this for me) Other than that it’s wonderful. Sometimes is doesnt cut all the way to where I have to punch out some of the letters..Like the inside circles of the O or e but no big deal on that.

  5. Daughter & I shared the purchase of the Xyron at AC Moore when it was on sale for half price at the end of summer. Our local craft store owner had one and loved it. We also used our 40% off coupons and got extra alphabet and tag books for it. It stopped working entirely after a few letters. The cutter was frozen in place.They tried all the troubleshooting suggestions in the book to no avail. I returned it for a new one. AC Moore has a very good return policy. Daughter took it home, plugged it in, put the alphabet book cartridge in, chose the shape and size, put the paper on the mat, and pushed the button to cut. Nothing! Got an error message to shut the lid and try again [the lid was shut]. She unplugged and replugged it several times, tried a different cartridge book. Nothing, same error message. Needless to say, back it went along with the books for a full refund. Now I see it on sale at AC Moore at about 70% off, and I’m tempted…..but shall resist!! LOL!

  6. I am researching which personal cutting system to purchase. Previously I had only heard of Provocraft cricut expression but after doing some research on the internet, it seems there are many competing brands and models available. One of the problems with the Cricut is the cost of the cartridges. Also I really want a system that let’s me use the fonts and designs from my computer so I can scan logos and other images into the computer then cut and print them. It would also be helpful if the purchased designs could be downloaded from the website instead of having to buy and wait for the cartridges. I want to be able to cut paper, vinyl and fabric. If anyone has suggestions or recommendations please let me know. I will really appreciate all of the help I can get.